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SURYA CEM is a high quality sparkling white lime wash manufactured by Delight Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. It is a high-quality hydrate lime produced under ISO 9001:2998 certification that is:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Self-bonding.
  • Super-rich in whiteness.
  • An excellent smooth finish.
  • Quality checked at every level of production.

How to apply?

Take 1 part water and as you stir, add equal quality of SURYA CEM powder to get a thick paste. Add the required amount of extra water to attain the required brush ability. Allow the prepared mix to mature for about 10 minutes before application. Now the paste is ready for application. Paste that is not being used should be kept well covered.

Shelf life:

Ensure that the pickings are stored at the dry place and well-built rooms. For best results use before 1 year.

Coverage: 120sq.ft/kg/coat

Available in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 25kg.


Being in the lime business for over 30 years, Delight Chemicals has perfected the art of manufacturing high-quality sparkling lime wash under ISO 9001:2998 certification The management team and employees are dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer needs. Delight chemicals private limited looks forward to continuing their work throughout India and abroad, by improving our environment, contributing to communities as a good neighbour, adding value as a responsible business partner, and continuing to provide high-quality lime base products to our customers.
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