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Protac Primer introduced by Surya Colours has won the appreciation of painters and satisfaction of consumers. It was an instant hit in the market for its give an ultra- smooth finish to the walls.

Features of Protac Primer:

  • Cement Primer.
  • Alkali resistant.
  • Forms uniform background.
  • Imparts an ultra-smooth finish.
  • Makes colours durable.
  • Protection for a finished coat.
  • Interior & exterior primer in Protac range.

Why Protac Primer?

  • Cement surface emits a lot of moisture besides forming alkaline substances. As a result of moisture and alkaline, walls gradually suffer erosion and get weakened. Protac Primer prevents this danger by de-moisturizing the surface and thus preventing the formation of alkaline substances.
  • Protac primer closes the porous walls, removes the patches of colours and makes the surface even and smooth. As a result, any colour painted on Protac primer surface gives wide coverage and durability.
  • Regular enamel paints cannot absorb moisture emanation from cement walls. As a result, paint gets worn out after some time, giving un-slightly look at the surface and in the long run, it also damages the walls. Unlike the regular enamel paints, Protac Primer is water-based paint. It firmly sticks to the walls and gives durability to the colours.
  • It is affordable and fits in your budget. On an average, Protac Primer costs 15-20 % lesser than the other Primers.

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