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"Normality is a paved road;
 It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it”

Likewise, it was easier for us to choose a well-trodden path to embark on our dealership and distribution business in the building industry. There was one easy way to get the hold of an established brand which was mediocre yet booming back then, or invest in a newbie brand manufacturing better products for that time. We went against the grain to invest in the latter and 30 years later that has made all the difference.

Our partnership with Delight Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was a pivotal turn for our company. It was not a smooth sail for us and we took our time to steady the ship with diligent hard work. We took a special care pertaining to everything about distribution and promotion that can help us improve the sales. We have spared no effort in delivering efficient logistic solutions for all our products. Surya Cem Private Limited (SCPL) has made a slow yet steady progress on all our products and has built an ultra-wide network of dealers along the way.

Fast forward 30 years of hard work, today:
  • Surya Cem Private Limited is now a flourishing Distribution Company with 1200+ dealers spread across Telangana.
  • We work for a hand in glove with the market leaders of the manufacturing industry and are responsible for distribution of some of the best products in the industry.
Surya Cem Private Limited (SCPL) is an authorized distributor of
  • SURYA CEM White Wall Paint, Surya Cool from Delight Chemicals Pvt Ltd;
  • Tuffit Putty, Protac Primer from Surya Colour Products Private Limited.

Our Vision:

It was our conviction to promote quality products and working hard while doing so, that has paved a way to our success, how minuscule it might be. We never had an explicit vision all along but we had a vague guiding principle if we have to write it down, it would be:

“To bring superlative products into the limelight of building industry and provide superb value for our clients”


The vision behind Surya Cem Private Limited and its bravado all the way along stems from its two Directors: Shri Sravan Kumar Paka and Shri Rami Reddy. TVS. The successful entrepreneurs and industry veterans are responsible for everything right from strategy, execution as well as success at Surya Cem Private Limited.

Having toiled hard all these years to make progress, our modest success has given us enough confidence to take on the bigger challenges and we folks at Surya Cem Private Limited are all ready to make bigger strides, with our ‘Vision’ as our guiding light.

Wish us luck!
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