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White Cement Based Wall Putty | Exterior & Interior

Well formulated putty, requires no water for curing between coats. The second coat can be applied within 4 hrs. Can take any overcoat such as Primer and Emulsion Paints. Can be applied both for Exterior & Interior Surfaces.

Available in Bag
Packing 40kg 20kg 5kg 1kg
Coverage Approx. 12-14 Sq.ft./ Kg/Double Coat/1mm Thickness


Type 'S' Hyderabad Dolomite Powder

SURYA GOLD is a one coat lime plaster for interior use on masonry. Can be finished to a smooth surface suitable for decoration. It is highly permeable to water vapour and so allows moisture to escape while also creating a healthier living environment.

Available in Bag
Packing 20kg 10kg
Coverage Approx. 12-15 Sq.ft./ Kg/Coat/1mm Thickness

SURYA Plasto Putty (white cement based) TM

Wall Putty Interior | Smooth like marble

Exclusive putty for Interior application, economical version.

Available in Bag
Packing 40kg 20kg 5kg 1kg
Coverage 12-14Sq.ft./Kg/Double Coat/1mm Thickness

SURYA Coarse Putty (white cement based) TM

Excellent Leveling Plaster | Exterior & Interior

This is mainly used as a leveling plaster to cover the surface undulations on walls.

Available in Bag
Packing 40kg
Coverage 10-12 Sq.ft./Kg/Coat/1mm Thickness
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